Ten-Nine Technologies is pleased to announce the approval of $499,924 in funding from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) for “Novel TENIX-Enabled Batteries for Energy Harvesting System Storage.” Project work under the Oklahoma Applied Research Support (OARS) grant began in April and will continue for two years.

In trials with automotive and power tool manufacturers, Ten-Nine Technologies has demonstrated that its patented high-energy density nano-additive TENIX improves the performance of high-power rechargeable storage devices. Twenty-first century lifestyle, health, and well-being also depend upon reliable low-power devices such as smart thermostats, speakers, camera lights, and controllers in homes; temperature, pressure, and vibration sensors in industrial and transportation settings; and numerous biomedical and defense applications. Energy harvester systems that power devices in this Internet of Things (IoT) have unique requirements, specifically a long-lasting battery that operates at low voltage. TENIX has extraordinary potential to function efficiently and effectively in these systems as well.

The development of TENIX-enabled batteries resulting from this project could provide a bridge to allow IoT energy harvester systems to flourish. Peter Bontorno, electrical engineering lead at Ten-Nine Tech, suggests that the focus of current commercial efforts on high-powered
systems, such as electric vehicles, leaves a gap that TENIX is uniquely suited to fill. “We have the technology to harvest energy from ambient sources, and demand for low-power, low-voltage devices is growing,” says Bontorno. “What remains is to integrate a highly efficient and long-lived
battery between the source and the device to achieve performance goals that the world has not yet seen.” In IoT devices that are hard to replace and mission critical, this could make a difference many times over in people’s daily lives.

Collaboration between Ten-Nine Technologies and OCAST is not new to this award. In 2021, Ten-Nine Tech received an OARS grant of similar magnitude to study applications of TENIX to improve Ten-Nine Technologies Announces Funding Award from the OCAST for Battery Development
performance in batteries of various chemistries. And in 2021 and 2022, Ten-Nine Tech welcomed OCAST-funded interns to its workforce portfolio. “OCAST is proud to help make groundbreaking research that is paving the way for a fresh economic field in the realm of energy storage a reality,”
says Jennifer McGrail, Executive Director of OCAST.

“At Ten-Nine Tech, we recognize the value of blooming where we are planted, right here in Tulsa,” says Founder and CEO, Paige Johnson. “We’re delighted to be receiving funding from OCAST for a project that could not only create jobs and build plants at home, but also have a profound impact on the energy storage infrastructure globally.” Like Bontorno, Johnson sees TENIX, the nano-additive that makes so many batteries better, as the key to unlock the potential of energy harvesting systems that power the Internet of Things.