Ten-Nine Technologies is pleased to announce that Carolyn Hauger has joined its growing team of chemists, engineers, management consultants, and laboratory testing partners. Hauger brings almost four decades of manufacturing, operations, and hands-on financial management experience to her role as Ten-Nine Tech’s new Chief Financial Office (CFO). As the company moves toward tonnage production at the end of this year, Hauger’s expertise will be brought to bear on every aspect of the manufacturing process. In her position, Hauger will have a key advisory role managing Series A investments as well as looking ahead to future capital projects.

Hauger comes to Ten-Nine Tech after serving as CFO of LION and Clopay Plastics – two companies focused on providing vital industrial goods and services. Prior to 2010, Hauger spent 25 years with Procter and Gamble, starting in operations and finance management roles, and culminating as Global Financial Operations Manager, enabling progressive change in sales, research, and administrative systems. Hauger holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Penn State University, and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Xavier University.

As Ten-Nine Tech’s CFO, Hauger taps her manufacturing, finance, and accounting expertise to design systems and eliminate barriers. “We want to get our product out into the market,” she says, “anything that I can do to make that happen effectively is my priority.” Hauger will work with current team members to unlock the power of supply chains, optimize internal processes, and recognize external opportunities. She also brings decades of strategic analysis experience with large manufacturers to her advisory role in spending current investments wisely, while working closely with Ten-Nine Tech’s founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Paige Johnson, to develop future capital partnerships.

“At Ten-Nine Tech, we’re all about creating new materials that make people’s lives better,” says Johnson, “and that means that Carolyn’s background, skills and motivations mesh perfectly with our company, especially as we prepare for tonnage production of our breakthrough new battery material, TENIX™.” Like Johnson, Hauger appreciates the power and the value of people who produce products that make a difference in the world. Her focus, tenacity, and deep skill set will positively impact Ten-Nine Tech’s ability to get battery materials to market efficiently and effectively in Tulsa, Oklahoma.