Ten-Nine Technologies’ patented TENIX nano-additives make traditional batteries last up to two times longer.

Graph of Pressed Cathode Batteries with TENIX

TENIX™ wins in a cell-to-cell comparison of lithium primary batteries. A battery with a small percentage of TENIX™ mixed with traditional cathode material lasts twice as long as a major manufacturer’s battery purchased off the shelf. Lithium batteries like these—while small—are the preferred choice for many Internet of Things applications. 

Alkaline batteries have been powering our lives since the 1950s. Think they can’t be improved? Think again. In electrode-to-electrode results a small percentage of TENIX™ significantly improves the performance of a traditional alkaline cathode. The next stage of optimization will give us cell-to-cell comparisons for TENIX™—boosted alkaline cells, and we’ll be one step closer to improving this 1950s tech that still powers our game controllers.

Graph of TENIX Improvement to Alkaline Electrodes
Graph Showing Improvements Using TENIX Cathode Blends

Rechargeable batteries are the foundational technology for electrification of transportation. These projections—from measured results in small cells to anticipated performance in automotive-sized cells of type 21700—show that a 10% blend of TENIX™ with NMC811 could deliver THREE TIMES the peak power available from NMC811 alone. And the TENIX™ blend continues to deliver strongly as the battery is drained. These results used testing methods specified by the US Advanced Battery Consortium (HPPC, 30 second 1C discharge pulse) that allow results to be compared across different types of batteries. The performance of the TENIX™ blend significantly exceeds the USABC’s target for power delivery.

Make Your Batteries Better

No other emerging technology can match the cross-sector application of TENIX™. Whether your company makes a rechargeable battery for electric vehicles or a disposable coin cell to power the Internet of Things, our advanced materials can go directly into existing manufacturing lines for primary and secondary cells of numerous configurations, chemistries, and use cases. In our cell development and application labs, we will work directly with you to validate our published data in your batteries and understand how TENIX™ adds value to your existing cell chemistries and constructions. We invite you to work with our chemists and engineers to test materials and build electrodes—to mimic the way your batteries are used on cycling machines and quantify performance gains. Our patented material, our manufacturing plant, and our in-house testing and cell-development capabilities are the trifecta that sets us apart from our competition.

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