Announcing TENIX™

Ten-Nine Technologies’ patented TENIX nano-additives make traditional batteries last up to two times longer.

Graph of Pressed Cathode Batteries with TENIX

TENIX™ wins in a cell-to-cell comparison of lithium primary batteries. A battery with a small percentage of TENIX™ mixed with traditional cathode material lasts twice as long as a major manufacturer’s battery purchased off the shelf. Lithium batteries like these—while small—are the preferred choice for many Internet of Things applications. 

Alkaline batteries have been powering our lives since the 1950s. Think they can’t be improved? Think again. In electrode-to-electrode results a small percentage of TENIX™ significantly improves the performance of a traditional alkaline cathode. The next stage of optimization will give us cell-to-cell comparisons for TENIX™—boosted alkaline cells, and we’ll be one step closer to improving this 1950s tech that still powers our game controllers.

Graph of TENIX Improvement to Alkaline Electrodes
Graph Showing Improvements Using TENIX Cathode Blends

Rechargeable batteries are the foundational technology for electrification of transportation. These projections—from measured results in small cells to anticipated performance in automotive-sized cells of type 21700—show that a 10% blend of TENIX™ with NMC811 could deliver THREE TIMES the peak power available from NMC811 alone. And the TENIX™ blend continues to deliver strongly as the battery is drained. These results used testing methods specified by the US Advanced Battery Consortium (HPPC, 30 second 1C discharge pulse) that allow results to be compared across different types of batteries. The performance of the TENIX™ blend significantly exceeds the USABC’s target for power delivery.

Cell-to-cell, electrode-to-electrode, projections…why does Ten-Nine specify what kind of test we’re using? Because evaluating the claims of new battery technology depends upon understanding the testing environment, and the timelines for testing are long. Material evaluations are the first to be made, then the electrode is optimized for parameters like density and thickness, and finally the anode/cathode/electrolyte balance of the full cell design is developed and tested. This final stage allows for direct comparisons with commercial cells currently on the market. At Ten-Nine Tech, we are open about our testing progress and our readiness for market entry. And we welcome questions about our data.

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We want to make your batteries better. Ten-Nine Technologies’ TENIX nano-additives drop into existing battery manufacturing lines to increase the lifetime of traditional formulations and allow customizable options for power versus energy performance.